Access denied after clicking Add Document in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Help: I recently had a SharePoint support client who continuously received an Access Denied error when attempting to upload a document even though he had Contribute permissions to the library.  After reviewing the site a number of times, I realized that the Content Organizer features had been turned on for the site.  When the Content Organizer feature is activated, it creates a library called Drop Off Library.  In my case the user did not have access to this library.

SharePoint requires that users have access to this library in order to be able to add documents to other libraries.  To resolve the Access Denied issue, I simply gave the user Contribute permissions to the Drop Off Library and he was immediately able to add documents to the other library.

It is easy to customize SharePoint but watch out for the pitfalls, hope this saves a couple of you some time!



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Name: Rohit Kabadi
Time: Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thanks its work for me

Name: vanathy
Time: Thursday, March 20, 2014

Really this post saved the time and reduced my headache also.. Thankful to u...

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