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How can RouteIt make your and your organization's life easier

RouteIt is a document routing product that we at IncWorx Consulting have put a lot of thought and time into.  We saw a need for such a product after spending a lot of time configuring SharePoint 2010's Content Organizer for clients.  During these engagements, we also realized how limited the Content Organizer can be and how it's not so easy to set up (for a normal or power user).  So, we developed RouteIt that is similar to SharePoint's Content Organizer, but fills in all the missing pieces.

RouteIt is very simple to set up and create rules to get documents or list items routed to their proper locations.  Unlike the Content Organizer, RouteIt can route List Items from one location to another as well.  As long as you have everything set up in both places, it can even retain metadata.  This is all handled through a simple to use UI that gives you many options.

Above is a look at where you create your rules.  This is a modal window that opens after you click on the RouteIt button from the ribbon.  As you can see, you have a lot of options, but still simple to use.  Clicking the magnifying glass will open up a list picker so you can easily choose the destination of where your items should end up.  Simply clicking on a list or library from the list picker, automatically generates the Route to location. 

We didn't stop there however, we realized that there could be a lot of instances where someone may have so many different options of where items can be routed that they would end up having to create a bunch of rules.  So, we made RouteIt dynamic in the sense that it can route based off of meta data.  As in the above screen shot, by places a column within [ ], you can easily make it dynamic and based on that column.

You are also given the option to get more advanced and edit XML to fine tune the routing, if need be.  There may not ever be a point where you need to get into this advanced mode, but we give you that option just in case! 

RouteIt is a great product and can really make things easier for your organization.  If you have a library set up to receive emails, and you get a lot of emails a day, then RouteIt can help.  You can create some rules based on the sender, subject, body etc. so that as soon as emails hit this library, they are routed to their proper locations.  This could be to their respective departments. 

Maybe you are doing a lot of scanning of documents that are placed (scanned to) a document library.  Instead of having to go through this library to move the documents to their locations, you can set up a easy rule and have it route automatically!  RouteIt can be used for so much more, these are just a couple examples of its usefulness.

So, if you find the need to route documents, to keep things secure in the process, RouteIt is for you!

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