Installing Solutions to SharePoint 2010: Quickly and Easily

How to install a SharePoint 2010 solution (.wsp)

As SharePoint 2010 has been out for some time now, more and more companies are developing custom web parts and other solutions to help meet certain needs SharePoint 2010 users want.  So let's say you just got some custom solution (.wsp) and now you have to get this file installed, but how?  There are a couple ways of doing this, one involves using nothing but PowerShell and the other involves PowerShell and Central Administration.  Personally I like the only PowerShell route as why venture to another location if you can do everything from right here!?  So lets get started to Customize SharePoint and get this solution installed.

First, you need to log on to the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration server.  Place your solution file (.wsp) anywhere you would like on this server.  I always like to place it on the desktop or right in the C drive, just to make it easier and faster to type out.  Now that you have the file somewhere, we need to open PowerShell.  Since this is SharePoint 2010, we should use the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell.  This is located under the Start menu -> All Programs -> Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products folder (same place Central Admin is).  Right click on this and point to 'Run as Administrator' so we can run these commands.


The first thing you need to type is:  This is to add the solution to the solution store.

  • Add-SPSolution <path to file>
  • ex: Add-SPSolution C:SPsolutionsSolution.wsp

 Now type this: This is to actually install (deploy) the solution.

  • Install-SPSolution <file name> -GACDeployment
  • ex: Install-SPSolution Solution.wsp -GACDeployment

Now to check it has installed:

  • Get-SPSolution

The nice thing is you can always hit TAB while typing and PowerShell can match it, it will automatically fill in the rest.  So, for the above, you could type add-sps and hit tab and it will automatically change this to Add-SPSolution.

Also, if you ever get a message saying the solution needs to be deployed to a specific Web Application you have to add a couple extra commands in the install-spsolution command, as follows:

  • Install-SPSolution -Identity <file name> -WebApplication <URL to web app> -GACDeployment
  • ex: Install-SPSolution -Identity Solution.wsp -WebApllication http://webapplication -GACDeployment


The other way to do this would be the same starting point, being open SharePoint 2010 Management Shell as the Administrator and type the Add-SPSolution command.  After this has been done, you can open up Central Administration.  From here click System Settings -> Manage farm solutions.  Once here you should see any and all solutions that have been added or installed.  For this example you would see Solution.wsp in this list.  Click the name to be taken into the properties for said solution.  At the top you should see 'Deploy Solution', click it.  Once you have done this you will be at the Deploy Solution page where you will see Solution Information, Deploy When? and Deploy To? sections.  Here you can set a time when you want the solution to be installed and to where you want it installed (web application).  The reason for setting a specific time is because when you install a solution, SharePoint can be unavailable for a minute.




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