A Simple Guide to Finding the web.config

Today I found my self needing to make changes to a web.config file, for a SharePoint application I made. After making those changes, I realized that not everyone may know where to find the file. So, below you will find two ways to access it. 

Option 1:

The first way to get to the web.config file is to navigate to the file manually. The location will be C:inetpubwwwrootwssVirtualDirectories(your website directory)



Option 2:

The second way of getting to the web.config file is through IIS. Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> IIS . From here you will navigate to your site and right click. Then if you click on "Explore" it will bring you to the same folder location as option 1.


Note: Most web.config changes can be made from the GUI in IIS.


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