New Comprehensive Branding Package: BrandIt

IncWorx Consulting is thrilled to announce that we have released a new comprehensive branding product called BrandIt. This tool was built to address the most common complaints that we hear about user’s experiences with the SharePoint design out-of-the-box. In order to make users more enthusiastic about using SharePoint, we have completely redesigned the custom master page and added functionality. The existing template for SharePoint is so bland and boring that it makes users not want to work with SharePoint. The functionality is there, but the... Read More →
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Lync for your Mobile Device

Lync available soon for your Mobile DeviceThe other day I was thinking about smart phones, and how it seems everything and everyone is trying to be on your smart phone.  A previous blog of mine talked about Nintex Forms and how one of their key points is that is works great on your smart phone.  This got me thinking, why not have SharePoint 2010 for your phone?  OK, maybe SharePoint is just a bit too much for a phone to handle.  There are other things Microsoft has created that could be great to have on your phone.  One main program that came... Read More →
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SharePoint 2010 Access error on Android's default browser - SharePoint Mobile

With more and more people using Android Phones and Tablets, it has come to my attention that the Android Phone’s and Tablets default browsers block the SharePoint 2010 credentials popup window. This makes it difficult to login and edit your site on the go. If you have a SharePoint site, and plugin your URL into the Android browser you might get a 401 Unauthorized error. Unfortunately, the default browser blocks the login prompt popup which could prevent anyone on one of these devices from logging into their SharePoint site. I recently spent a... Read More →
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SharePoint mobile access getting better!

The following is just a list of applications that provide Mobile access to your SharePoint site from devices other than computers and laptops. In the business world people need access to their coporate information at any time. Having access from their portable devices like phones and tablets have become increasingly easy and important for business users.The sites I am going to list below offer a much better SharePoint Mobile experience than using browser access. This will also make the users experience much more enjoyable when accessing their... Read More →
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SharePoint mobile device compatibilities in the Higher Education vertical

Since most college students today are constantly attached to their cell phones, it was only logical to assume that SharePoint developers would eventually create mobile device compatibilities. These functionalities include most features of SharePoint and allow the user to access them on-the-go.Implementing SharePoint 2010 Workspace Mobile allows the user to browse document libraries and lists right from your phone! You can also open, edit, and sync documents directly for viewing or editing in the various mobile office apps like Word 2010, Excel... Read More →
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IncWorx Consulting's SharePoint Jobs and company promotions-Heath Anderson

SharePoint Jobs and company promotions - IncWorx Consulting is proud to announce Heath Anderson's promotion to Corporate VP and Director of Consulting.  Heath's contributions to the Chicago SharePoint Consulting practice and the organization as a whole have been substantial.  He is also one of the reasons IncWorx Consulting has become a leading Microsoft Gold Partner.  For many years Heath has been a valued partner of Incworx Consulting.  His understanding of emerging areas of opportunity such as Microsoft XRM, SharePoint iPhone development,... Read More →
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