How to use Chase Person to Person Quick Pay Option

If you are a Chase banking member, you are in luck if someone owes you money. Recently, Chase has released a feature that allows Chase to Chase members to transfer monies without a transfer fee. The feature is called Person to Person Quick Pay. If you log into your Chase account, from the home page, you can see the option on the right three down in the Payment and Transfer section.

Chase Quick Pay Option from Home Page

Once you select this feature Chase will allow you to request or send money. For this example, we are trying to collect money so we will click the "request money" option.

Chase quick pay prompt

From the following prompt, you first select "new recipient" and add the name and e-mail address of the person that owes you money. You can also send the recipient a text message as well. Make sure that the email address you enter is the email address tied to the recipient's Chase account, if not this feature will not work. Simply add the amount, due date, and a personal message if you would like. For this example, we will simply message the recipient "Pay up sucker!" . Select Next and the request will be sent.
Request Money Prompt in Chase Quick Pay Option

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