SharePoint Mobile Development

IncWorx now offers SharePoint Mobile Development!!!


Mobile development is far from easy, especially when you add the intricacies of SharePoint in the mix. IncWorx Consulting has been working in the Mobile space for the last three (3) years. Here are the main areas in which our practice excels: 


  • Styling SharePoint 2010’s Mobile View (If needed, not recommended)
  • Creating Custom Mobile Master Pages and Page Layouts
  • SharePoint 2010 Publishing Portal Development
  • SharePoint 2010 Public Facing Portal Development
  • SharePoint 2010 Intranet/ Extranet Portal Development
  • Custom Search Control
  • Localization Development


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JaveScript

Our approach is simple. We use HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to allow cross device compatibility. Once developed, the code is converted through a mobile converter IncWorx uses. This means that our development projects are extremely efficient due to the fact we only need to write one code base for all devices.

IncWorx’s clients include DELL, General Motors, Rubbermaid and Unilever. For more information on our SharePoint Mobile practice please e-mail   


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