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Visual Studio 11: SharePoint Application Development

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The Visual Studio product lineup and specifications have now been published from Microsoft. The largest change has been the free Express tooling. This is now platform-centric including Windows 8 Metro, Windows Phone, Windows Azure and supports multiple languages. The biggest downfall of the new offering is the fact that desktop application developers who want to use the latest tooling must purchase  Visual Studio 11 Pro or higher.

Dark Theming

This addition gives Visual Studio an edgier look and feel for the developer elite. This will allow developers to easily differentiate between the most current and legacy platforms.

Cool features include:

  • ISS Express
  • Built-in Unit Testing
  • Built-in CSS color picker
  • Page Inspector
  • Quick Launch
  • Smarter JavaScript References
  • Round Tripping
  • Browser Chooser/ Launcher in the Toolbar
  • Image Thumbnails on Hover in the Solution Explorer
  • Dark Theme

Download the Visual Studio 2012 beta version here

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